Residential home covered with holiday lighting and seasonal Christmas display.

If you’re planning to decorate your home with holiday lights this year, it’s important to make sure that your electrical system can handle the load. While a stunning light display may be on your wish list, if your home’s electrical system isn’t up to the task, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk. In fact, the most common cause of house fires during the holidays is overloaded electrical circuits. To avoid this hazard, it’s important to assess your electrical system before you start stringing those lights.

Understanding how many lights are on a 15amp circuit or how many LED lights are on a 15amp circuit will help ensure you and your family stay safe and your lighting display looks merry and bright. Here are some tips on how to review your electrical system and determine if you need an electrical panel upgrade or, in some cases, an electrical panel replacement.

Understanding Circuits

The first step in assessing your electrical system is to understand how home electrical circuits work. A typical circuit has a breaker box that connects to an electrical panel, which distributes power throughout the home through a series of wires. These wires are connected to different electrical outlets and devices in the house, such as lights, appliances, and other electronics. The typical residential home has 15-20 individual circuits, each of which is capable of supplying up to 1,800 watts (about 15 amps) of power. If you are planning a particularly elaborate light display, it’s important to know how many lights you can safely connect to each circuit in order to avoid overloading it.

Electrician checking circuit panel in a residential home.

Check Your Circuit Breakers and Rating

Once you understand how circuits work, the next step is to inspect your electrical panel and breaker box. This will give you a sense of how many circuits your home currently supports and how much power it can handle. This inspection should be one of the first things you do to prepare for your holiday lights display. One way to do this is to look at the circuit rating plates on your electrical panel. These plates indicate how much power each circuit can handle, both in terms of how many watts and how many amps. If your holiday lights require more power than your home’s circuits are rated for, then you may need to upgrade or replace your electrical panel. Another important consideration is how old your home’s electrical wiring and electrical panel are. Over time, the materials used in these systems can break down or become corroded, which can lead to overheating and potential fire hazards. If you have any doubts about how old your electrical panels and wiring are, it’s best to consult with a professional electrician who can assess the condition of these systems and recommend any necessary upgrades or replacements.

Check Wire Gauge

In addition to checking how many circuits your electrical panel can support, it’s also important to consider the gauge of the wires that are supplying power to those circuits. The thicker the wire, the more power it can handle, so if you have older or thinner wiring in your home, this could be another sign that you need to upgrade or replace your electrical panel. To check the gauge of your wiring, you can either consult with a professional electrician or do some research online. You may also want to consider upgrading your wiring if you are planning to add more lights or other decorations that could potentially overload your system.

Holiday light hanging by an outdoor GCFI outlet with timer attached.

Check Light Wattage

To determine how many holiday lights your home electrical system can accommodate, you’ll need to know how many watts each string of lights consumes. Typically, a 15-amp circuit is designed to handle 1,800 watts of load, or about 30 standard holiday light strings. If you are using LED lights, keep in mind that these typically use less power than traditional incandescent lights and may be able to accommodate more strings on a single circuit. But in any case, how many LED lights you can support on a single 15-amp circuit will depend on the specific wattage of each light string. No matter which type of lights you are using, if you are planning to use a lot of lighting, you may need to upgrade your electrical panel to a higher amperage.

Check Light Manufacturers’ Requirements

In addition to checking how many watts each light string consumes, it’s also important to look at the manufacturer’s requirements for how many strings of lights can be connected together. Some manufacturers recommend that holiday lights are never connected in series (or “daisy-chained”), while others only allow a certain number of strings to be connected in this way. Different types of lights will have different recommendations, so be sure to read any accompanying instructions that come with your lights or research the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific type of lights online.

Get Professional Assistance

Ultimately, the best way to determine how many holiday lights your home electrical system can safely support is to consult with a professional electrician. They will be able to assess your home’s wiring, circuit breaker rating, and electrical panel capacity and recommend any upgrades or replacements that may be needed to ensure the safety of your lighting display this holiday season. At Your Holiday Lights, we are dedicated to helping you create a beautiful holiday light display while ensuring the safety of your home and family. With the help of our qualified service technicians, you can enjoy your holiday lights with peace of mind that they are properly supported by your home’s electrical system. Visit us online to learn more or to request a consultation.

Outdoor tree decorated with holiday lights, a gold star, and covered with snow. Christmas is a time for family, friends, and of course, festive decorations. But creating an impressive outdoor holiday lights display that includes your trees can be a challenge. If you’ve done some searching online, chances are you’ve found plenty of products available to purchase. But most don’t offer decorating tips, not to mention the design steps required to create the outdoor holiday trees of your dreams. In this guide, we walk you through a step-by-step design process for decorating your outdoor trees for the holidays. From safety to landscape preparation, as well as answer questions like, “how many Christmas lights do I need?” Planning out your display is the key to a safe, successful, and festive holiday display.

Start with Safety

When planning to decorate outdoor trees for the holidays, safety should be your first consideration. There are critical safety guidelines to follow when using lights outdoors. For example, before deciding how many outdoor Christmas lights to put on your trees, it’s important to ensure that you have sufficient electrical power and the correct fuse ratings to support the electrical demand. This is especially important for outdoor tree lighting, as some trees may be located far from the house. It’s also extremely important to use lights, extension cords, and power boxes that are rated for outdoor use. Not only will outdoor-rated products be more rugged and weather resistant, but they are built to handle the electrical draw of many lights. This will help you answer the question, “how many Christmas lights do I need?” Equally important is making sure that you have a plan to safely install lights on your outdoor trees. For most people, this will require using ladders. But ladders pose safety risks unless used carefully and correctly. The safest way to install lights on your outdoor trees is to hire a professional holiday lighting service. But if you plan to do it yourself, make sure you take the time to learn proper ladder safety techniques and always have a spotter when working with outdoor lights. Also, never allow children to climb or play on ladders or to play near a ladder while you are using it. By starting with safety, you can get your outdoor holiday light display planning off to the right start! Here is a quick summary of the things you need to do before you start decorating:

  • Check to ensure your lights, cords, and accessories are rated for outdoor use.
  • Determine how many feet of Christmas lights for tree(s).
  • Confirm the electrical circuits you intend to use can handle the additional load. Make sure you have a ladder high enough to do the job (never use the top rung of a ladder).
  • Follow proper ladder safety techniques (always have a spotter).
  • Consider hiring a professional holiday lighting service.

Determine Display Size

Once you have safety covered, it’s time to think about the size of your outdoor holiday display. The most important factor here is how much of your home’s exterior you plan to decorate. Are you just planning to light your exterior trees, or do you want to decorate other landscaping elements and/or your home’s exterior? Knowing the scope of your display beforehand is the key to effective planning for your outdoor holiday lights display. In this way, you can better determine how many Christmas lights you will need to create the effect you want.

Less Can Be More

When it comes to outdoor holiday lighting, there is a common misconception that the more lights you use, the better. It’s easy to get excited and a little carried away during the planning phase. This can lead many people to buy more outdoor lights than they need or can use, resulting in an outdoor holiday display that is over the top and tacky. Too many lights and decorations can create a confusing visual effect, overwhelming viewers in an unpleasant way. So, how many lights should you put on a Christmas tree outside? Well, that will depend on how big the tree is, how high you want to extend the lights, and what type of lighting effect you want to create. How many lights for a 6ft tree versus a 10ft tree may be different or the same depending on how you want to string the lights. To make sure that your holiday lights inspire awe, not annoyance, try to focus on creating an exterior display that is tastefully lit but not over the top. Related Topic: Can You Have Too Many Holiday Decorations?

Pick a Theme

Choosing a holiday lighting theme is another crucial step in outdoor holiday tree decorating. A theme can help bring cohesiveness and visual interest to your outdoor holiday display. Plus, by choosing a theme, you can easily tie in other outdoor decorations and landscaping elements to create a unified outdoor decorating look. Some popular outdoor holiday lighting themes include:

  • Classic white and green or white and red outdoor decoration, with minimal pops of brighter colors and festive outdoor lighting.
  • Rustic outdoor decorating, with outdoor lights paired with lanterns and other rustic elements.
  • Retro outdoor holiday decorations, with vintage or mid-century style decorations.
  • Modern outdoor holiday decorations, with sleek outdoor lighting and contemporary decor elements.

Visually Connect Your Internal Decorations

As you plan your outdoor lighting and theme, take the time to create a visual connection between the outdoor decorations and the interior decorations. For example, consider using the same theme for both your indoor and outdoor Christmas trees. Another way to add spectacle and drama to your holiday lights display is to position your indoor tree so that it is visible through a window and then time your lights so that when the indoor tree’s lights are on, the exterior lights are off. By creating a visual connection between your indoor and outdoor lights, you can give your home a polished, well-thought-out look that will delight guests and visitors.

Prep Trees

Palm trees decorated with brightly colored holiday lights

Once you have a theme and your indoor and outdoor holiday displays planned out, it’s time to get ready to decorate! Before you start buying and wrapping lights, however, it’s important to get your trees and landscaping ready for your holiday display. This means making sure that outdoor trees and shrubs are pruned back, and fallen leaves and other debris are removed from your yard, gutters, and other outdoor spaces. Be sure to use proper safety around ladders and landscaping tools, and always wear gloves, safety goggles, and other protective gear when working with power tools and other landscaping equipment.

Hire a Professional Service

After following these design steps, you may realize that planning and carrying out an impressive outdoor holiday display requires considerable time and effort. It takes time, preparation, and proper safety measures to pull it all off. It can also be hard to determine exactly how many feet of Christmas lights you need for each tree and how to connect your exterior lights safely to avoid the risk of electrical overload or fire. The good news is that avoiding these potential problems is easy when you call Your Holiday Lights! We can help you design and install the custom outdoor holiday light display you’ve always wanted, all without the hassle and hazards of doing it yourself! Visit us online to learn more and to schedule your design consultation today!

house with too many christmas lights

Is it possible to have too many holiday decorations? In a word, yes!

For many people, holiday decorations are an important part of our most treasured celebrations. But having too many holiday decorations can be a serious problem. Not only can excessive decorations create safety hazards, but they can also drain your time and energy as you struggle to set them up and take them down. They can also lead to issues with storage space and create visual clutter that takes away from your holiday décor and the enjoyment of individual pieces. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the issues of having too many holiday decorations and provide tips on how to reduce the number of decorations that may currently be cluttering your home.

Safety Concerns

One of the biggest issues with having too many holiday decorations is the increased risk of fire or other safety hazards. So, what happens if you string too many holiday lights together? A house filled with multiple strings of lights, overloaded power strips, and flammable items such as dried-out live trees or garlands can become a potential hazard. Therefore, it’s important to follow all safety guidelines for your decorations and not exceed the recommended number of lights or other items on a single power source.

Another serious safety hazard related to holiday decorations is the risk of injury from ladders. According to the American National Standards Institute, there are more than 300 ladder-related deaths and over 130,000 emergency room visits related to ladders each year, as well as 2,000 ladder-related injuries every day. When attempting to hang multiple strings of lights or heavy decorations, it’s important to know and follow proper ladder safety. Using a sturdy ladder and having someone there to spot you can prevent accidents.

Time Drain

In addition to safety concerns, having too many holiday decorations can also lead to an overwhelming time commitment. Ask yourself: how much time do I spend hauling out and packing away decorations each year? If your answer is more than a day or two, you may have too many holiday decorations!

The process of setting up and taking down all of your decorations can quickly become a major chore, especially if your decorations are spread throughout your entire home. This can also lead to added stress during a time that is supposed to be enjoyable and relaxing.

Instead of trying to fill every corner of your house with holiday cheer, consider focusing on just one or two areas where you can really make an impact with your decorations. Another option would be to hire a professional service to handle some of the set-up and take-down for you. This will not only save you time but can also create a more cohesive and enjoyable holiday display.

Overburdened Storage Space

In addition to the time commitment, having too many holiday decorations can also lead to storage issues. Many people struggle with finding adequate space for their holiday decorations in between seasons and may even need to rent a storage unit just for these items. With holiday decorations taking up so much closet space, where will you store other essential household items?

Crowded or improper storage of holiday decorations can become a serious safety hazard. For this reason, if you have too many decorations to safely and neatly store in your home, it may be time to downsize your holiday decor. When deciding how many decorations to keep or purchase, consider their size and whether or not they can be neatly stored in a designated area of your home.

Visual Clutter

house with cluttered holiday lights

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to bring the holiday spirit into your home, too many decorations can create visual clutter and take away from the overall aesthetic of your space. Rather than overwhelming a room with multiple small trinkets or knick-knacks, consider choosing a few larger statement pieces that will have more impact and be less cluttered.

When shopping for holiday decorations, think about the overall design and style of your home and choose pieces that will complement it rather than clash with it. Remember: less is often more when it comes to achieving a cohesive and visually pleasing holiday display.

 How to Reduce Decorations

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your holiday decorations, there are a few steps you can take to downsize.

  • Start by taking inventory of all of your decorations and decide which ones you actually use each year. If you have decorations you rarely use, it’s probably time to let them go.
  • The same thing goes for decorations that don’t match your home decor or holiday decorating theme. If you have items you are hanging on to but don’t coordinate with your other decor, consider donating or selling them.
  • If you like to change up your holiday decorations year to year, try rotating different sets of decorations each year to keep things fresh. This can help you avoid buying new ones every season.
  • Finally, next time you are shopping for holiday decorations, only purchase items that have a clear purpose or meaning and will complement your existing collection.

Hire a Professional Service

If you find yourself struggling with the thought of reducing your holiday decorations, consider hiring a professional holiday decorating service. A professional decorating service can handle all the set-up and take-down for you, freeing you up to enjoy the holidays. Hiring a service means you don’t have to worry about the takedown and storage of holiday decorations (what a great holiday gift). They can also offer expert advice on how to create a cohesive, dazzling, and enjoyable holiday display without overwhelming your home.

While it may seem counterintuitive to hire someone else for holiday decorating, remember that the holidays are a time for relaxation and enjoyment. By outsourcing some of the work, you can focus on what truly matters during this special time of year (time with family and friends).

At Your Holiday Lights, we have the holiday decorating solutions you need to reclaim your time, your storage space, and your enjoyment of the holiday season! Visit our website to contact us and to learn more about our quality holiday lighting services.

A table beautifully decorated with holiday candles, lanterns, and a gingerbread house as the centerpiece on a white tablecloth.

Searching for holiday decorating ideas online can be frustrating. Sure, you can find lots of gorgeous photos of holiday decor, but very few of those come with any real details. This may raise a lot of questions and make you feel like you are on your own. But don’t worry – we are here to help! This decorating guide answers your most pressing questions about holiday decorating, from tree and window decorations to exterior doors, and includes outdoor holiday decorating ideas.

Holiday Tree Decorations

What are the five most popular Christmas trees?
The five most popular types of Christmas trees in the US are:

1. Fraser Fir: The Fraser Fir is a popular choice for a Christmas tree because of its attractive appearance and excellent needle retention.

2. Noble Fir: The Noble Fir is one of the most popular trees in America. Its combination of features, including strong branches and a pleasant scent, make it a top choice for holiday decorating.

3. Balsam Fir: The Balsam Fir is known for its fragrant aroma and sturdy branches. These qualities have made it a popular pick for holiday decorating.

4. Colorado Blue Spruce: With strong branches and a classic, conical shape, the Colorado Blue Spruce is another popular choice. It’s also popular for its unique green-blue hue.

5. Douglas Fir: The Douglas Fir is a popular choice because of its full and symmetrical shape and soft, fragrant needles.

In what order do you decorate a Christmas tree?
Most of the time, when decorating a Christmas tree, it’s best to start with the lights. Putting the lights on first ensures that you will not need to navigate around other decorations on the tree. From there, the rest depends on personal preference. Some people like to add garland, ribbons, or other elements first, then ornaments. You can also either start at the top of the tree and work your way down or start at the bottom and work up. It’s up to you and what you think looks and works best!

What is the most popular Christmas tree decoration?
The most popular Christmas tree decorations can vary from year to year, but there are also some perennial favorites that never seem to go out of favor. For example, ribbon, garlands, stars, gingerbread men, and poinsettias have long been favorite elements for Christmas trees, as well as ornaments or other elements with iconic holiday figures on them, such as angels, reindeer, snowmen, and of course, Santa Claus.

What is the most popular tree topper for Christmas?
Tree toppers are diverse and typically based on personal preference and current trends. Some classic tree toppers include angels, stars, and snowflakes. More modern options include personalized initial toppers, woodland animal figurines, and colorful ribbons or bows.

How can I make my holiday tree look luxurious?
To make your holiday tree look as luxurious as possible, start with string lights, garlands, and various ornaments in coordinating colors. Professionals suggest using no more than two or three main colors on a single tree. When decorating, be sure to fill the tree with your decorations so that there aren’t any gaps or empty spaces. Additionally, opting for quality materials such as delicate glass ornaments, velvet ribbons, and faux fur accents can elevate the overall look of your tree.

How do you decorate a Christmas tree like a professional?
A terrific way to decorate a Christmas tree like a pro is to have a cohesive theme or color scheme for your tree. Sticking to one theme or color, such as red, blue, or white, can give your holiday tree that professional touch. Also, make sure to space out and arrange your decorations evenly, leaving some negative space for a clean and polished look. Finally, don’t be afraid to mix textures! Professionals love to use floral picks, berries, velvet ribbons, feathery elements, and glittery ornaments to add visual interest to a tree.

How do you put ribbon on a Christmas tree like a professional?
The easiest method for putting ribbon on a Christmas tree is the wrap-and-tuck approach. Start at the top of the tree and drape the ribbon in a spiral motion downwards, making sure to evenly space out each twist and tucking the ribbon into the branches every so often. as you go. Another option is to create a vertical ribbon cascade. In this approach, secure several long lengths of ribbon at the top of the tree. Use wired ribbon to create “billows” as you go down, tucking and securing the ribbon at intervals down the length of the tree.

Window Decorations

How can I decorate my windows for the holidays?
Depending on the size, shape, and location of your windows, there are many different ways to decorate them. Some ideas for festive holiday window decorations include hanging wreaths directly on the glass or stringing lights or garlands around the frame. Another fun idea is to use white or frosted window clings to create a visually stunning effect. If your windows have a wide sill or bench underneath, you could place festive figurines there or create a holiday scene with a tableau of small decorative pieces. Another option would be to use battery-operated candles to add a warm and inviting touch to your windows.

How do I plan and budget my holiday window decorations?
The first step toward planning your holiday window decorations is to decide on a theme or color scheme. Create a wish list of the types of decorations you’d like for your windows, and then make another list of all the items you would need to purchase to create the look. It’s best to start this process as early as you can to avoid the holiday rush.

Then, research prices for each item and create a budget. You may need to decide whether to buy decorations pre-made or try to make some of them yourself. Just keep in mind that certain items may be less expensive to create yourself but may take time or tools you don’t have. On the other hand, sometimes buying the materials to create a garland, wreath, or other decoration will ultimately cost more than finding one pre-made! This is why it is so important to research carefully and decide what you can reasonably afford.

How do you decorate a window with Christmas balls?
Christmas ornaments can make beautiful window displays! One way to decorate a window using balls and ornaments is to thread them onto ribbon or string and drape them across the window. Another creative idea is to fill transparent glass vases or bowls with ornament balls or create a holiday scene by arranging them with other festive figurines.

When it comes to holiday decorating nothing screams, “I’ve got the holiday spirit!” more than decorating the exterior of your home with lights and inflatable figures. But this also raises a lot of questions, which we answer below.

Holiday Lights

House entrance way and porch of a residential home decorated for the holidays with golden and green wreath garland of fir tree branches and lights.

How many holiday lights do I need to cover my house?
The number of lights you will need to cover your house will vary based on the size and layout of your house, as well as your personal preference for how dense or spread out you want the lights to be. It’s best to measure the length and height of each section you plan to cover, then purchase enough lights to adequately cover those areas.

Can I mix and match holiday light colors?
Of course! Either mixing or matching colors can make for a stunning visual display, depending on what your desired finished effect is. However, it is generally best to choose lights that are compatible and are of the same type (such as all LED or all incandescent). But no matter how you do it, mixing or matching colors can add visual interest to your holiday light display.

How can I control my holiday lights display?
There are several effective methods to control a holiday light display. One of the simplest and low-tech methods is to use a simple timer that will turn your lights on and off at pre-scheduled times. If high-tech is more of what you want, there are programmable lights, smartphone apps, and computer programs that can help you not only turn on and off your lights but also control their brightness and display patterns as well. The type of tech you’ll need will depend on what type of display you want to create.

Can freezing weather affect my holiday lights and inflatable figures?
In a word, yes. Most outdoor lights and inflatable figures can withstand cooler temperatures. But extremely cold weather can potentially cause cracks in the protective coating and damage the wires and light sockets in holiday lights and shorten their lifespan. And depending on the type of figures you use in your display, some materials (like rigid plastic) are more susceptible to cold temperatures than others. So, you might want to bring them if the weather stays extremely cold for an extended period.

It’s important to keep your lights and extension cords protected from the elements when setting up your display. Additionally, make sure to unplug and safely store your holiday lights after each season.

Do I need to upgrade my electrical panel for holiday lights?
In many cases, upgrading your electrical panel won’t be necessary. But it really depends on the wattage of your holiday lights and the capacity of your electrical panel. If you have an older home and/or want to put a lot of lights on your house, it may be necessary to upgrade your panel to prevent overloads and power outages. Consult with an electrician for more information about your specific situation.

How much will my utility bill increase with holiday lights?
While your electricity bill will increase because of your holiday light display, the amount of this increase will vary based on the wattage of your lights and how long they are left on each day. You can help keep your utility bills lower by using energy-efficient LED lights and making sure to turn them off when not in use.

What is the best way to hang holiday lights?
To hang holiday lights safely – and to achieve a professional-looking display – it’s important to use the proper tools and techniques. Knowing and following proper ladder safety is an absolute must when hanging lights. Additionally, hanging Christmas lights along a roofline may require different strategies depending on what type of roof or gutter system your home has, how many stories high your home is, how many gables your house has, and so on. It’s important to figure out what type of hooks or clips would work best for your home and to properly secure all lights to the structure. It’s also important to figure out, in advance, a plan for hiding wires and power sources. Hanging Christmas lights can be a hazardous job, so it may also be helpful to enlist the assistance of friends or professionals.

How do I hang Christmas lights on gutters?
One of the best ways to hang Christmas lights on gutters is to use gutter clips. A good quality gutter clip is designed for hanging lights securely and without damaging your gutters or roof. For best results, make sure to clean the gutters beforehand, use a lot of clips, and evenly distribute the lights along the length of the gutter.

Holiday Door Decorating Ideas

Woman decorating a Christmas wreath.

What are my decorating options for exterior doors?
There are several holiday decorating options when it comes to the exterior doors of your home. You can decorate your doors using lights, cover them with wrapping paper like a holiday gift, or a combination of both. You can also decorate them with an ornamental holiday wreath or use a simple display of pine branches and a few ornaments.

If you choose to go the simple route, gather some pine branches, shape them into a circle or arch, and add a few select ornaments. This type of display is super easy to create and looks great. If you want to get a little fancier, decorate the entire doorframe. You can use lights, garlands, or both. This type of display adds a nice touch to the exterior of your home and lets visitors and guests know you‘ve got the holiday spirit.

Safety Concerns

What are some safety tips for holiday decorating?
There are many ways that holiday decorating can lead to injury. Some important safety tips include choosing decorations that are flame-resistant or non-combustible and keeping lit candles, if you plan to use them, away from decorations and other flammable materials. Also, be sure to inspect your lights for frayed wires or broken bulbs before use, avoid overloading electrical sockets, and place outdoor decorations securely to prevent them from being blown away or causing damage in high winds.

How do I prevent holiday lights from causing fires?
In addition to following our basic safety tips, you can further prevent holiday fires by making sure to turn off all holiday lights before leaving the house or going to bed. The same thing goes for candles or devices that heat up. Never use lights with frayed cords and replace any damaged light strings or other decorations right away.

Now that you’ve read through this guide to holiday decorating ideas, you have taken your first step toward creating the holiday home of your dreams! But amidst all the fun of creating beautiful displays, it’s important to keep safety a top priority for you and your family. Ladders, in particular, cause hundreds of injuries each holiday season and should never be used by children.

At Your Holiday Lights, your safety is our top concern! We can help you create a breathtaking holiday light display without putting you or your family at risk. Visit us on our website to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

The holidays are a time when we all want to make our homes feel festive and welcoming. And one of the best ways to do that is to get the whole family involved in holiday decorations! But it’s important to remember that during this season, there are also extra safety concerns to be aware of. Do you know how to keep everyone safe during every step of holiday decoration planning? In this guide, we will provide safety tips you can use to ensure that all of your holiday decorating fun goes according to plan. From choosing the right decorations to proper storage and essential safety tips, here’s everything you need to know to make your holiday decorating safe, merry, and bright!

Select Safe Decorations

When it comes to holiday lights and decorations, it’s important to make sure you choose items that are safe for your family and home. Whenever possible, choose decorations made from fire-resistant materials and make sure to keep them a safe distance away from any open flames or heat sources. Avoid glass ornaments or other decorations that could break or shatter. Also, if you plan to buy an artificial Christmas tree, choose one made from fire-retardant materials and use LED lights. LED lights don’t get hot like other types of lights and therefore are much safer – and much more energy efficient – to use in your decorating.

Avoid Unsafe Decorations

Some common holiday decorations can have hidden dangers. For example, decorations with small or sharp parts could pose a choking hazard, especially for young children. Additionally, be cautious of flammable materials such as dried flowers or straw, as they could easily catch fire. If you are planning to have a live Christmas tree, take the necessary steps to keep it from drying out. Dry trees can catch fire much more easily. Choose holiday lights that have been tested for safety and avoid overloading electrical outlets. Take extra care with holiday candles – keep them away from flammable materials and never leave them unattended.

Hang and Remove Decorations Safely

Along with choosing safety-conscious decorations, it’s important to take safety precautions when hanging and removing decorations, as well. For example, when hanging outdoor holiday lights and decorations, use a sturdy ladder or step stool to ensure proper balance and avoid falls. Do not allow young children to climb on or play around ladders – there is a serious risk of injury. Each year, there are more than 164,000 emergency room-treated injuries and 300 deaths in the U.S. caused by falls from ladders. Most ladder deaths are from falls of 10 feet or less. While they should stay away from ladders, there are plenty of other ways that children can help decorate for the holidays. However, it’s important to supervise children during decoration planning and set-up to ensure they don’t handle unsafe or breakable items. Also, be aware of any potential hazards that may arise while decorating – for example, a dangling ornament that a child could grab and potentially choke on. Finally, when removing holiday decorations, do so carefully to avoid damage to your home or injury.

Maintaining Decorations Safely

An important part of your holiday decorating safety strategy is proper decoration maintenance. To keep you and your family safe, start early and take the time to properly clean and inspect your decorations before using them each year. For example, inspect lights and cords for fraying or damage before use. Replace any damaged ones to avoid electrical hazards. Frayed or broken holiday lights can derail your holiday lights projects faster than anything! Before you put your decorations away each year, take the time to wipe them down. This will prevent dirt and grime from building up and potentially cause even relatively safe decorations to become a safety hazard.

Avoid Storage Problems

Proper maintenance and storage go hand in hand. By properly storing holiday decorations, you can avoid damage or safety hazards. Store your decorations in sturdy containers that are big enough for the items to fit safely inside. Choose plastic or other waterproof materials to prevent water damage. Make sure not to overload storage containers. Wrap and store fragile items with extra care to avoid breakage. And be sure to label the containers, so you know where each decoration belongs at the end of the season. Storing light strings the right way can also help avoid damage and huge, messy tangles. Buy or make a reel to keep your lights neatly secured. You may also consider using zip ties or plastic bins with cardboard dividers to keep light strings organized and tangle-free. Lastly, keep stored holiday decorations in a dry, cool place to avoid any potential damage.

Hire Professional Assistance

Decorating for the holidays can be a safe and fun activity for the whole family. But it’s also a lot of work! If busy schedules and safety concerns are putting a damper on your holiday decorating plans, it may be time to consider calling in your local holiday lighting experts to help! At Your Holiday Lights, we can handle many of your holiday decorating needs. We are a professional holiday lighting company that offers free estimates and safety-conscious decorating ideas from professional lighting experts. We can help you get ready for the holidays safely and save you a lot of time and effort. Prioritizing safety during the holidays is one of the best ways to ensure you enjoy the season with your family. So, if you’re looking for holiday lights installation near you, look no further than Your Holiday Lights. We are located right in your neighborhood! Do you have holiday decorating safety tips you’d like to share? Add them to our comments section!


During the holiday season, Americans consume more energy than any other time of year. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration during November, December, and January all forms of energy use skyrocket. While it’s obvious that the major reason for this is keeping your home warm, there are some tricks to help keep your costs down. Continue reading “Christmastime Energy Saving Tips”


While the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year… it can get a bit hectic as you grow older. As a child, your biggest worry around Christmas was whether or not Santa remembered to get you that ONE gift you wanted SO BADLY. Now you’re juggling the rush of shopping, scheduling, cooking, wrapping and bouncing between holiday parties at work, the neighbor’s house and your in-laws… sometimes you’re too busy to soak in all the wonderful holiday cheer surrounding you! Continue reading “5 Gift Wrapping Hacks for a Less Hectic Christmas”

The holidays are a time for family fun! Opening presents and eating great food are just some of the traditions that make Christmas everyone’s favorite time of the year. The real icing on the cake is of course… movies! When the weather outside is brutal and the family’s stomach is full of delicious treats, we all plop down in front of the boob tube and watch our favorite holiday films. So the team at Your Holiday Lights put together a list of the top ten Christmas movies of all time. We polled our office, family, and friends to get the most well rounded list we could. Continue reading “Top 10 Christmas Movies”



The holiday season has arrived! That means shopping, decorating, and stoking the fire. With all the fun that surrounds the most wonderful time of year, there are some serious dangers. Window Genie wants to wish you a happy holiday with a few safety reminders. Continue reading “Holiday Safety Tips”

Bing Crosby sang of a white Christmas, and also a Hawaiian Christmas

If you’re sick of the cold weather – escaping the norm and heading to a warm, sunny beach destination can be a great alternative way to spend the holidays… But if you’re actually a fan of cold and snowy weather, and want to elevate your Christmas spirit and enjoy the winter wonderland to its fullest… there are also plenty of cold weather retreats for you! Either way, you can leave the in-laws at home and have a holly, jolly Christmas – it’s the best time of the year! Continue reading “Top 6 Christmas Vacation Destinations”